What Is Special In Spanish Rioja Wine?

Rioja is a Spanish wine made from grapes, which is subdivided into 3 zones:

  1. Rioja Alta
  2. Rioja Oriental
  3. Rioja Alavesa

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What kind of wine is Rioja?

Rioja is a common red wine. It is made from Tempranillo grapes, sometimes they use other varieties of grapes, namely:

  • Mazuelo
  • Garnacha
  • Graciano

Tempranillo is known for its tannins, structure, and savory taste. It is notably fruitier.

What makes Rioja special?

The structure and tannins of Rioja wine are similar to Cabernet Sauvignon but have a fruity character. This is perfect for the drinkers who love Cabernet and those looking for a dominant cherry flavor frequently present in Pinot Noir wines.

Rioja: is it a sweet red wine?

The younger red Riojas show great roundness and fruitiness. They are low in acidity with tannin and good sweetness and little-to-no oak. The older reds are everything you want in Rioja. Tannin, low acidity, and medium sweetness with medium to high oakiness. The wine is a true class and will offer unbeatable value for the money.

Old Rioja wine has been combined by the king of food to match a lamb. When asking a local what goes well with the red Rioja, an immediate answer is a Navarran lamb. When you are looking for food to match Rioja red, then think about lamb, or you may think about richer meats. Higher fat content meats and good taste intensity are splendid with an aged Rioja.

What tastes like red Rioja?

Are you a fan of Red Rioja? The good news is the red Rioja has fine and aged red wines. Ribera del Duero is also in Spain, it is a great alternative, especially since it is produced with the Tempranillo. Otherwise, you can also look at some Tuscan red wines. But, remember you need to opt for the older vintages in oak-aged.

Rioja: is it dry or sweet?

When speaking of the Spanish Rioja profile, it has an overall slightly less dry and sweeter experience. The acidity is high, but there are varieties with low acids and lower tannins. An ideal Rioja has medium flavors:

  • Sweetness
  • Tannins
  • Medium to high oakiness

These are combined with low acidity to flavorful wine.

Best Rioja wine to try

There are many Rioja producers in Spain, so if you want to taste some of the top Rioja wines, you may want to give this a try:

  • Torre de Oña
  • Bodegas Beronia
  • Viña Herminia
  • Muriel Wines
  • H.Booth & Co
  • Remírez de Ganuza

If you have been into wines, you may be familiar with this red wine, not just because of its popularity, but also of how good the tastes of this red wine.