4 Tips for Planning a Corporate Function in a Sentosa Beach Bar

The best way to boost company morale is by planning a fun and memorable corporate function. It will strengthen the bonds and friendships of your coworkers, which will positively affect your teamwork when everyone goes to work again. You can make the event more memorable by planning it in a beach side restaurant in Singapore! Here are four tips to remember when planning your company function.

1. Decide the date carefully.

When planning a Sentosa brunch for your employees, choose a date when everyone will be available. Make sure it’s a date that doesn’t fall under any holidays. Check if anyone has filed a leave that day. If they have, they probably won’t be able to attend, so book a date when everyone can be available. You can also check the weather forecast to ensure clear skies during your beach function.

2. Provide travel allowances.

A corporate party in a Sentosa beach bar will be a memorable event, but many employees might be saving and can’t afford the trip to Sentosa. To encourage your employees to the event, provide them with travel allowances. There should be enough to take them to the beach bar and back home. Doing this will also increase the employees’ trust and respect for you since you’re willing to accommodate them for the event.

3. Keep everyone’s food preferences in mind.

You may have employees on special diets and restrict certain foods from their meals. Some may have food restrictions due to religion, while others might be restricting meat for their health. Find a beach side restaurant in Singapore that offers vegan and halal dishes. If you have to order the food in advance, you can provide a survey for your employees about their diets. That way, you can provide food that they will enjoy. You can also choose a restaurant that will let them order what they want, so they have the option of ordering something they like during the party.

4. Make it more than a corporate function.

Let your employees have fun! They can do more than enjoy the sea view from a restaurant in Singapore. Instead, let them enjoy the sea. Encourage your employees to bring swimwear and let them enjoy the beach during the event. It’ll encourage them to make more connections with each other, which will strengthen the team’s bond.

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