Florence: Where Passion Binds Food to the City

Tuscany is a place known for its wine and food and houses some of the best food shops and fine dining restaurants which are sure to transcend Florence Food Tour from the ordinary to the ethereal. Food is indeed considered to be magical here. In fact it is considered to be an expression of relationships which in turn helps build an active social life as is seen in the people living here. This makes for a unique experience for any person embarking on this tour.

For experiencing the inherent and original food of the locals and relishing it as locals do a visit to the neighbourhoods of Santa Croce and Sant’Ambrogio is a must. Here a person is actually able to sample to real and unaltered taste of the local olive oil, a variety of cheeses, some of the best available salamis and of course the out of the world wine.

Food, culture, history and everyday life makes for an amazing amalgamation which makes this city vibrant, dazzling and pulsating with life. The pastas, the pizza, the Gelato, the Florentine steak, the Cannoli and the refreshing hot chocolate have a way of attracting and alluring people to eat and enjoy life. And a person who does not have has fill of these famous dishes of Florence, is sure to regret it throughout his life.

For those hard core meat eaters, nothing will ever taste the same again once they taste the “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” which is a rare meat dish where beef steaks are grilled to perfection on the outside and yet they retain their juicy pinkness inside.

Cheese lovers from across the world are treated to the best flavours of cheeses there can be with the “Tagliere” topping the list. This is generally accompanied Chianti, a glass of the famous Tuscan wine. Panzanella or the bread salad is perhaps Florence’s way to beat the summer heat while Ribollita, a soup served with bread is its way to beat the chill of the winter. Street food in Florence generally consists of Lampredotto while Pici Pasta is a rustic Tuscan speciality.

Florence is thus a food lover’s paradise; an experience to remember the whole life through.