Healthy Food Options to Prepare from Pork Jerky

Pork is one of the favourite and most commonly consumed meat of all time. There are various varieties of pork meat available in the market, and pork jerky is one such savoury preparation of raw meat. Thinly sliced strips of meat obtained from the best quality hogs by expert butchers go into the making of pork jerky. 

These strips are then marinated and slowly smoked and dried while flavours are infused into the meat for a different taste. Presently only three flavours are infused with the meat that is Maple, Spicy 3-Pepper and Original. 

Why is Pork Jerky Considered Healthy?

There are various reasons for which pork jerky is considered a healthy food option. 

  • The meat is safe from getting rotten or spoilt in any way as it is already curated and can be stored for a longer period of time than raw pig meat. 
  • The strips of “Big Fork” pork jerky are also packed with low calories and extra protein. So, when you are having food prepared from pork jerky, it ensures that you get a solid intake of good proteins and fewer calories as well. 


  • Another important part of eating pork jerky, which cannot be overlooked is the fact that any germ or bacteria forming chances are almost next to zero as the meat is well-dried and smoked thoroughly. 
  • Also, the packing is done a healthy way so that the meat retains all of its health benefits along with the added ones. The strips of meat are easy to prepare, and even if you are on a diet, you can have the dishes prepared from pork jerky and do not have to give up on meat to maintain your calories. Get both health and taste in a single package.

Healthy Food Options to Prepare from Pork Jerky 

You can deep fry the strips of “Big Fork” pork jerky and have it with a simple dip sauce. You can also try mixing bits of pork jerky with your daily salad to bring in a change of taste. Other pork jerky healthy dishes that you can have are gravy based dishes, simple strip roasts, shallow fried jerky, teriyarki jerky, smoked jerky with bread, jerky and lettuce rolls. 

Have these with a dash of honey and chilled along with roasted veggies and a small helping of rice or bread. You can also prepare your oats with pork jerky bits.