Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Caterer  


In today’s digital age, most people consult reviews posted online when they are trying to choose a restaurant. After all, if someone else had a negative dining experience, it can help a person avoid wasting their time and money. While good food can outweigh a poor environment or subpar wait staff, bad food simply cannot.

Therefore, choosing the right caterer for an event is so important. Great food that is served with just a few mishaps is still going to leave a great impression. Keep reading for some tips on how to find a quality caterer here.

How to Start

When it comes to event budget planning, catering is usually the first or second consideration. The amount that’s spent on food and drinks can impact the amount of money left to pay for other things. The outcome of an event is crucial to the planner, and it should be to the caterer hired, too.

Before looking at the menu options and the price list, consider how attentive and prompt a caterer is when responding to emails or calls. If they aren’t returning emails or calls before they are hired, what type of service are they going to offer after they receive a deposit.

Be Specific About Needs and Expectations

Most caterers offer varied menus and different pricing structures so trying to compare one to another is often challenging. Make sure to be specific about the type of event being planned, the food, and the expectations when speaking to any caterer, such as Elite Chefs Sydney. A caterer that’s being considered should be interested in getting a person’s business and take the time to get to know what a potential client wants and needs.

Experience Matters

Caterers that specialize in more upscale, black tie affairs may not be best for a more casual, outdoor barbecue. Having prior experience with the event being planned is crucial, so don’t hire someone that has been used in the past if they don’t have experience with the event being planned. Instead, speak with them about the needs of the event and get proposals from other caterers who have experience in the event being planned, too.


Most caterers have basic menu options to choose from. Try to find menus that are modern and current and that reflect some of the latest trends in the food and beverage industry. Talk about other menu options that may be possible, too, as flexibility is crucial when looking for a caterer that is going to deliver what a person needs and expects.

Remember: It’s Not All About the Food

When choosing a caterer, remember they are being hired for food, drinks, and for the services they provide. This includes the service provided to their client and to the guests at the upcoming event. While there’s no way to control the wait staff at a restaurant, it is possible to control the staff serving food at an event that’s being planned.