HiLite 1 Pack Janitorial and Chemical Adjustable Extra Long Aprons Water Proof Multi Purpose Unisex – 888HDA

Safety is always the main concern for any type of professional cleaning and maintenance in any hazardous jobs. Needless to say, cleaning workers are different from maintenance staff. For cleaning there are different set of aprons and tools to perform their duties. However, most of the time safety equipment at times takes a backseat.

You will be surprised to know that the cleaning staffs suffer more injuries than others in any type of industry. Hence, utmost care and attention should be given to them while you are selecting their uniform.

Selecting the right apron

Chemical aprons of best quality should be selected while you are designing uniform for your workers. These aprons are different than the usual ones as they are heavy duty and come with different layers of interior and exterior coating.

This provides 360-degree support during any chemical spill. Also, not to forget gloves and boots are also major part of the uniform. Most of the time gloves are made up of durable hard rubber. The shoes should have good grip. Last but not the least, even if you are dealing with less hazard chemicals, you must still go for vinyl aprons.

Selecting Eyewear

As per the recent reports nearly 2000 workers suffer from eye injuries on the job site. These are nothing but a result of chemical splashing getting accidentally into the eye. This can be easily prevented if you go for proper standards of eye wear that meet the latest health safety standards of your state.


Last, but not the least, even if you are just a restaurant owner or a garage owner you must still give proper attention to cleaning and janitor clothing. No one knows when accident can take place. Moreover, if it happens within your environment and working hours then you will be responsible to bear the medical and overhead expenses.