How to store dog food correctly?

You can easily find a suitable way to store dry and wet dog foods. Most people do not pay much attention to how they store dog food. You can ensure that your dog treats last by paying attention to temperature, moisture, and packaging. Knowing how long wet foods keep in the fridge and freezer is essential since wet foods, like handmade and canned food, frequently need to be refrigerated. To ensure that the food will be healthy and taste good to your dog when they eat it, learn more about the proper manner to store your dog’s food. Here will look at how to store dog food correctly:

Keep it in the original bag

Are you considering using a storage gadget to keep the food fresh? Select a metal or plastic storage container and secure the lid before inserting the food bag inside. The kibbles’ bag is carefully made to preserve the food’s freshness and flavors for a long time, so avoid transferring them into another container directly. Keep the packaging until the food is consumed since it contains essential facts like the expiration date, bar code, and manufacturer information that are useful in the event of a food recall. Keep the food airtight after it has been opened. Make sure to fold the opening and secure it with a clothes peg or clip.

Use an airtight container

You can keep the food in an airtight container, so that your food will stay free from contamination, fresh, and dry, preventing the growth of germs. Additionally, it will protect the food from insects like ants and weevils. For maximum freshness, you can keep the food in its bag and then in a container.

Choose the right spot for storing the food

Store unopened cans and dried food in a cool, dry area. Humidity and sunlight are the enemies of dog food. Direct sunlight and high heat can destroy food and cause bacterial infestation. If you keep food in an open container, it will inevitably end up going bad.  It is essential to choose the right spot to store dog food.

Freeze it

Freezing your dog’s dry food is a unique idea for long-term storage. Just make sure it is well wrapped in a freezer-safe bag or container. Most dry dog food may be frozen without risk for up to 6 months. It is best to freeze it in smaller bags so you can easily remove a portion as needed.

Until you are ready to thaw and serve, fresh dog food can be frozen in the freezer. This is an excellent method for preventing food spoilage for your dog. Additionally, you can be sure that your dog is receiving all the nutrients they require due to high-quality ingredients preserved within the frozen food.

Wash the dog’s water and food bowls

Every time you refill the food container for your dog with warm, soapy water, make sure to clean it out well. A cleaning is necessary because pet diets include oils. Keeping the kibble in the bag before placing it in the pet storage container is a good idea for this reason too, since the food bag would prevent the oils from seeping out into the container.

To ensure your dog always has plenty of cool, clean water to remain  hydrated, check on the pet’s water at least once daily, but more frequently in the summer. The dog can avoid overheating by drinking fresh water, promoting healthy digestion, skin, and coat.

Use a scoop

When you buy dog food online, you can use a scoop to reduce the risk of contamination significantly. A scoop ensures that the food does not come in contact with toxins. Avoid scooping food from your pet’s bowl because doing so could introduce bacteria to the meal. The perfect scoop is clean and stays inside the food container. Additionally, you can offer your dog the exact amount of food they require, by using a scoop, and prevent overfeeding.

Never leave cans outside

For an hour, keep canned or wet food out of the pet’s bowl. Then, you can throw it away if your pet hasn’t eaten it, and wash the dish with soap and water before reusing it. Bacterial growth is more likely to occur after 30 minutes of exposure to raw dog food, which could be harmful to both you and your pet.

Bottom Line

Like buying quality food, it is always essential to give importance to proper food storage. Proper storage will offer the dog the best meal every day. Consider the above-listed ideas to store dog food correctly.