Ideas and creativity around pork dishes

India is a home to non-veg lovers. One can find all kind of foodies here, in search of different tastes. Due to the cultural diversity, luckily Indians have a huge variety of options to chose with. If one travels from north to south, the vastness of the Indian food culture can be observed, changing probably every 50 kms.

In India, pork meat is considered one of the favourites in creating savouring dishes, that makes food lovers lick their fingers up. Apart from pork, other meat that is popular in India is beef, chicken, mutton and sea food (mostly fish). Different parts of India savour different parts of meat. East India, including West Bengal is more inclined towards sea food, particularly fish. South Indians have a taste of beef and pork more than anything. They use beef or pork for most of their non-vegetarian dishes. North India on the other hand offers a variety of chicken and mutton dishes cooked deliciously.

Just like India, the world also witnesses a variety of meat used for cooking. Pork is one of the meats, which is used extensively all around the world. it is used in Italy, for Italian cuisine. It is used in USA for many of their signature dishes like burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and so on. India uses pork for chops, curries and fried dishes. Chinese use them for soups and curries.

How about a sliced pig?

Sliced pig, as often called pork slice is used to create a number of dishes all around the world. in India, slices are cut down, used in burgers, sandwiches, and also fried to be eaten with chapatis. In USA, sliced pig [หมูสไลด์, which is the term in Thai] is used similarly in burgers and sandwiches. Patties and other bread related items used slice pork to further enhance their taste. Italians used sliced pig to create their signature lasagne, which is famous not only in Italy, but all over the world for its finger-licking taste. Australians use sliced pig for making steak and much more with vegetables and sauces. Asian countries use them, as a flavourful meat delicacy to be eaten with curry or sauces separately.

The thinness or the thickness of the slice also makes it differently capable of being juxtaposed into different dishes. Thin slices are used by Japanese as regular food to be eaten with sauces. Thick slices are fried, or shallow fried to provide them with a rich flavour. They are often mixed with curries, or vegetables to provide an exquisite taste too. All this sums up how Sliced pig is used in different parts of the world for creating commendable dishes. It is a flexible meat kind, which goes with any cuisine. It can be blended with any flavour.

You can also try out a dish with sliced pig or pork slice. No matter where you are, or what cuisine you like, this blends with any taste and flavour, and comes out spectacular as any other meat ingredient.