Pizzas to Celebrate the Flavours of Spring

Only a few foods can satisfy Australian cravings the way pizza does. The spring is finally upon us, which means fresh and light meals to be enjoyed outdoors. With spring, it comes an array of fresh ingredients to top the pizza Leichhardt that are loved by everyone meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians. They are easy to make and are perfect for sharing. In celebration of spring, here we have put together some vegan toppings to keep the pizzas light, focused on newly harvested vegetables to welcome the oncoming summer months with something little brighter and lighter.

Vegan Pizza Toppings:

Embracing veganism had once meant giving up your love for pizza. However, these days, vegan cheese is also available, which means no need to give up your favourite comfort food. With tasty toppings, even a pizza without cheese would be a satisfying and delicious meal. Now let us look at some of the best toppings for vegan pizza you can get from pizza delivery Leichhardt.


Mushrooms are the ultimate vegan pizza topping. They are flavourful meaty and go well with the sauce. The trick with mushrooms is to cook them even before they are added to the pizza. Also, adding some garlic doesn’t hurt either.

Spring Onion:

As the name implies, these are available only for a couple of months every year. The flavour is both sweeter and milder, and this means they are perfect for a quick pizza where regular onions will be too harsh.

Grilled Eggplant:

Adding slices of grilled eggplant to your pizza will make them tender and will also add a smoky flavour to your pizza toppings. With fresh basil added, it would be an extra something special.

Bell Peppers:

Peel roast and marinate your favourite bell peppers for making a delicious vegan pizza topping. If you want something with a crunch, keep your peppers thinly sliced and raw and add them to your pizza base.


For a fresh spring pizza, some grilled asparagus stem will do good for pizza toppings. This goes fair with all toppings, and a sprinkle of chilli flakes would do better.


Spinach will go beautifully on top of a pizza adding nutritional value. What more would you want?


The complex flavour and texture of artichoke make it an awesome vegan pizza topping. It has all the flavours to take your vegan pizza game to the succeeding level.


What’s better than broccoli on your pizza? With the edges of the florets, get a little crispy, and yes, that’s the topping!


For vegan pizzas, the toppings should pack a powerful punch. Jalapenos add spice to the pizza, lending it tasty flavours making it extra savoury. Jalapenos are good to pair with other vegetable toppings like olives, bell peppers onions. Order your best pizza in Leichhardt with this topping now.


These are staple in vegan diets that, too, for a good reason. Chickpeas are delicious and rich in proteins and vitamins. When added to the vegan pizza, they will bring a heartiness and heaviness, which can balance out the lack of cheese and create a satisfying meal.

If you are a person whose cravings change with the season, taste the delicious vegan pizza Leichhardt and enjoy your spring.