Simplest Ways To Make A Beef Jerky


If you want to cut carbs and start consuming a snack that features high levels of protein, you should consider making your beef jerky. It is the best snack possible that you can keep around a house, of course, in case you eat it responsibly and balanced.

Most people think that it is a combination of spices and dried meat, but that is not the entire answer. In case that you decide to flip a package you can read on, to learn more about the ingredients.

Therefore, the best way to control the presence of chemicals and things that manufacturers are using to preserve it, is to make it yourself. This features another benefit because it will allow you to reduce overall expenses.

Remember that you do not need to purchase fancy machinery to do it, but you can make it in your oven, which is a kitchen appliance that every single house has. You can also do it by following steps and waiting for a few hours max.

The idea is to choose the right ingredients so that you can create a perfect jerky for your particular taste and requirements.

Step-By-Step Guide In Making Beef Jerky

1.   Find the Right Cut Of Beef

The first and most crucial step is finding the cut of beef that you will use for the process. You can use flank steak, which is an expensive solution, but it will be as good if you choose a cheaper cut of beef because you will save money and avoid affecting texture and flavor.

We recommend you to choose a lean cut that does not feature too much fat. Of course, fat is vital for getting the proper flavor if you are making prime rib and steaks, but for jerky is not essential and may cause issues.

The best way to understand the procedure of making beef jerky is by clicking here for more information.

2.   Slice It Thin

The next step includes creating thin slices, but the best way to do it is to leave it in the freezer for hours so that beef can become firm enough so that you can cut it manually with ease. We recommend you to cut it into 1/8 inch slices, and always do it against the grain.

By doing so, you will get tough and tender jerky which is something that we all adore. Of course, since you are doing it manually, you do not have to make every single slice to be the same, but the closer they are in thickness, the better flavor will be as a result.

3.   Marinate It

This is a vital step because you have to use additional ingredients without adding harmful chemicals along the way. You should create a marinade filled with Worcestershire or soy sauce, but you can adjust it based on your preferences.

Leave it for at least one hour so that you can get the best results, but we recommend you to leave it for a night. By reading this article:, you will see whether beef jerky is healthy or not.

4.   It’s Time for an Oven

It is vital to place the wire rack at the top of a baking sheet and leave strips across it. Have in mind that you need to put it to 175 degrees F and wait for at least four hours. In case you have a convection oven, it will finish in up to three hours.

Have in mind that you should reach the perfect balance of dryness. However, if you decide to leave it in the oven for too long, it will burn, and you will eat crackers instead of your favorite snack. You should take it out of the oven after you notice the results, and let it cool.

If the texture is the way you like, it means that you have finished. On the other hand, you should return it into the oven until it reaches the wanted results.