Tea for Wellness: 5 Interesting Facts About Kombucha Tea in Singapore  

Have you ever encountered kombucha while grocery shopping and wondered what it is and why it’s become so popular? You’ll be surprised to learn that Kombucha is a detox juice for weight lossand a tea-fermented elixir that deserves a place outside the realm of holistic health, despite its peculiar appearance. Here are some interesting facts about this incredible probiotic tea.

1. Kombucha contains beneficial probiotics for gut health

Beneficial for digestion and gut health, and probiotics consist of living yeast and bacteria. Probiotics exist in fermented foods such as yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha. In addition to fibre from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, probiotics are beneficial. The probiotic microorganisms consume the indigestible plant fibres that humans cannot. A kombucha drink in Singapore is essential for maintaining a healthy gut biome.

2. Kombucha is similar to beer

Both use yeast in their brewing processes. Unsurprisingly, they also drink similarly. Like a Belgian sour ale, kombucha has a slightly sour-sweet flavour and an effervescent mouthfeel, and it pairs well with food like any other light beer.

3. Humans have drunk Kombucha for over 2,000 years

Humans have produced and consumed kombucha since 220 BCE. People in northeast China drank it for its health benefits, which included detoxification and an increase in energy. People have been sharing their recipes and methods for making kombucha tea in Singapore and spreading the word that it may help you feel your best for over 2,000 years.

4. Kombucha is easy to make

Kombucha tea is easy to make in Singapore. Kombucha begins as a sweet tea fermentation. Like commercial breweries, homebrewers begin their batches by brewing tea and adding sugar. What turns this tea into kombucha is a blobby, white patty called a SCOBY, short for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.

5. Kombucha can be a healthy replacement for soda

Soft drinks typically contain a substantial amount of sugar or high fructose corn syrup and numerous preservatives and synthetic food colourings. Most people may find it hard to replace soft drinks, but a kombucha drink in Singapore may provide a similar experience with many health benefits. Kombucha contains organic acids that can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and stabilise blood sugar levels. It is also rich in antioxidants due to the addition of tea and fruits. These antioxidants safeguard your cells from damage. Typically, kombucha contains significantly less sugar than soft drinks, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and energising Vitamin Bs.

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