The Best Thai Food Options That you Can Go for

Bangkok luxury restaurants or street vendors on the sidewalks of Chiang Mai elaborate dishes or simple fried rice you are not ready to have gone around the question.Most restaurants serve any time of the day, but do not come too late, Thais usually eat early.

Those who know this kitchen a little bit know it: most dishes are spicy, sometimes a lot for our Western taste buds.The basis of the cuisine is rice. It is frying and it is served in a thousand ways (with fish, beef, pork, crab, and shrimp). At the Thai restaurants this is the best deal now.

Meanwhile, more and more Bangkok restaurants are starting to rediscover an old and refined cuisine to which they incorporate the expertise of today. The results speak for themselves. The current cuisine has undergone Chinese and Indonesian influences, while retaining its personality

The “fried”

  • Khao phat: fried rice, with chicken, crab or shrimp.
  • Phak bung phat: assortment of fried vegetables.
  • Nua phat nam man hoi: fried beef with oyster sauce and onions.
  • The soups
  • Kaeng shushes: vegetable soup with shrimp or pork.
  • Tom yam: a very spicy soup made of lemongrass and chili, garnished with pieces of pork, chicken, shrimps or fish.
  • Tom kha: generally spicy soup made of coconut milk and galangal, with chicken (gai) or shrimp (Kung).


  • Pad Thai (or phat Thai): Sautéed noodles accompanied by meat or seafood.
  • Kuai tio haeng: noodles with meat and minced vegetables, all spicy.
  • Kuai tio phat siu: fried noodles with Chinese sauce, meat, vegetables and eggs.

Other Thai dishes

  • Laab: minced pork with spices.
  • Kam Pu thot: fried crabs.
  • Kai yang: grilled chicken.
  • Barbecue: Very popular, the Thai barbecue is served at night only, in specialized restaurants. It is served at will on a long buffet of seasoned meats and vegetables, not always obvious to identify. We then cook everything on a brazier placed on the table, which serves as both grill and broth. To accompany there is green pasta, to boil.
  • Mango sticky rice: sticky rice coated with coconut milk and accompanied by thin strips of mango; it is sometimes found in restaurants, but most often in the markets.
  • Insects: found in most markets, usually fried.


Water pollution is reaching new heights in Thailand. More than one-third of the water is considered unfit for consumption, particularly because of domestic and industrial waste dumped into rivers without any prior treatment. This is especially true in areas where tourist pressure is important.

  • Tea is universal, but it is either basic Lipton or a pale substitute.
  • Coffee is not always good in hotels, but there are more and more American-style coffee shops offering excellent cappuccinos and other lattes.
  • It is necessary to test the local whiskey: the Mekong, with the nice taste of ethanol, to which Sprite is added.