The Different Varieties Of Donburi That You Must Devour

Preparing a classic bowl of donburi is as simple as making your most-loved Japanese foods on a white rice base. Here we shall know about all the best donburi varieties that are popular all across the world and deserve to be tasted at least once in your lifetime.

Donburi: Know About The Recipe

Donburi is a Japanese term that is used to refer to ‘bowls. However, the term is also used to refer to all the rice bowls. When it comes to Donburi, the vast array of recipes associated with them are endless which involves eggs, seafood, meat, and vegetables all cooked with the help of delicious seasonings. The cooked item sauteed in flavourful seasonings top plain steamed rice.

Know About The Best Donburi Dishes

1.      Unadon: Popular Donburi Variant

This dish garnered all its fame and popularity back in the Edo Period age and is still looked ups the first-ever Donburi variety which features grilled eel or unagi that is glazed with a thick layer of soy sauce, resembling teriyaki.

2.      Katsu don: A Highly-Delicious Donburi Variety

This particular recipe includes crispy pork cutlets which are deep-fried before being added to the dish followed by eggs which are steamed in a concoction of three ingredients; soy sauce, mirin, and dashi. It is the rice bowl variant of tonkatsu but Katsudon features a sweet taste that has a fluffy egg on the top.

3.      Oyakodon is an Unbeatable Dish

Oyakodon is again a Japanese term that means parent and child bowl. The dish is prepared with chopped chicken thighs and for topping, a steamed egg is used. As for garnishing, sliced scallions are popularly used. This dish is one amongst the most popular version of Donburi that is vastly loved for being a delectable mixture of rice, tsuyu sauce, and eggs.

4.      Gyudon: Enjoyed and Savoured by Localities and Foreigners Alike

Gyudon or beef bowls is a common dish that is served both in restaurants and at home and is one of the most sought-after dishes for foreigners who love beef. One of the reasons why this dish is so famous is because of the massive number of beef eaters around the world.

5.      Tamgodan: A Must Try Dish

The dish translates to ‘egg bowl’ and is a meat-free version of Oyakodon and features mushrooms, shiitake, and spring onions.

6.      Soboro: An All Comforting and Filling Dish

The soboro also translating to rice bowl includes either beef or chicken followed by fresh green peas.

7.      Tendon: Loved By One and All

Different varieties of tempura are used for the topping of this rice bowl.

8.      Kaisendon: Japanese’ Most Favourite Dish

This specialty dish from Hokkaido includes exotic seafood like shrimp, salmon roe besides various kinds of sashimi. The abundance of fresh seafood around Japan makes the people over their love Kaisendon.

Donburi (ดง บุ ริ, which is the term in Thai) rice bowls are Japanese comfort food that is found across fast food stores. Donburi can be bought using a vending machine and hence they have become super-convenient food in the country. It is one of the first choices for people who wish to grab something quickly before heading for the office. Try all of these Donburi varieties and you are sure to fall in love with this dish.