Tips For Great Wedding Cake Decorations

You can find many online posts and guides that will help you make a DIY wedding cake.

Still, you will have to deal with numerous responsibilities and situations a few days before your big day, which is why you should thoroughly plan every single aspect along the way.

However, some people tend to prepare and plan everything promptly, which allows them time to handle a wedding cake. But, of course, you should leave a few days to take every single detail, which could be a relaxing and therapeutic way to prevent pre-wedding jitters.

At the same time, most brides and brooms tend to overthink numerous factors in their final hours, which is why you should try to focus on a task ahead.

DIY wedding cakes are a great option to ensure a more unique and tasty perspective of your wedding. Click here to for more ideas on how to make a DIY wedding cake.

Still, before you decide to start with the process, you should understand a few tips to help you out with the process.

1.Stay Practical

The first thing you should ask yourself is doing you enjoy baking and doing it in the first place. It is vital to have experience baking and creating various cakes before you start making a DIY wedding cake, mainly because the worst scenario will affect your big day.

Remember that cake is one of the most critical aspects of your wedding, which is why you should answer the questions mentioned above. That way, you will determine whether you can handle it because a ruined one can stress you out and affect the guest experience.

2.Keep It Simple

Most people think that they must be as creative as possible for making a wedding cake. However, that is not the case, mainly because you should be on familiar grounds before starting with the process.

Of course, you may think you can handle something complicated and elaborate, but the wedding is not a time for experimentation. Instead, you should use a tested and tried recipe that will help you ensure its taste, while decorations will be the next step along the way.

3.Preparation is Crucial

You should prepare thoroughly before the process starts. Even though you may already have experience with this one, you should know that wedding options come in large quantities compared with other options.

Therefore, we recommend you make a trial run to test it with your best friends and family. That way, you can get the perfect amount of ingredients that will help you out with the process.

The worst thing you can do is start shopping for ingredients on the day you decided to bake. Instead, you should think in advance and prepare everything before a baking day.

It is better to start earlier, mainly because biscuit and fruit options can last longer than other options. Therefore, you can bake a few days before, which will help you out with the process.

Great tips can be found here

4.Do It for Enjoyment

It is vital to remember that you should avoid doing it if you do not enjoy baking or lack experience. For instance, if the main reason for doing it is because you cannot afford to buy a professional one, we recommend you choose to go without it.

You can also ask someone you know to bake it for you or ask people to bring their minor versions. However, you should only do it if you are enjoying the process. Avoid doing it for other reasons, such as saving money because it is not worth the hassle and stress.

5.Find a Helper

When we say do-it-yourself, we do not strictly mean that you should do everything alone without anyone’s help. However, if you have someone to help you, it is better to ensure the best course of action and prevent overall stress by finding someone to help you out.

Having someone by your side to wash mixing bowls and help you with other tedious tasks can help you save time. But, of course, having numerous people in the kitchen can lead to an opposite direction, which you should think through beforehand.

6.Free the Day and Clear a Kitchen

Apart from clearing the kitchen from plenty of people, you should declutter it as well. Most of our homes feature a wide array of stuff, especially before significant events. Therefore, you should place your wedding cards and pins somewhere else and focus solely on baking.

Keep in mind that a tidy and clear working area will help you bake anything you need with proper smoothness and enjoyment. You do not wish to search for hidden ingredients under piles but have every single component in front of you so that you can use them with ease.

Besides, it would be best if you thought about setting an entire day for this process. But, of course, we are talking about a whole day without dinner plans, appointments, and other responsibilities.

Even though you may think that a process will last for a few hours, it is vital to decorate it properly, which is why you should avoid rushing the process.

Generally, decorating is time-consuming, which is why you should leave an entire day for every single step along the way.


Baking is just a first step because the crucial aspect includes decorations. Even if you missed a spot, you should implement final touches to ensure its appearance apart from the taste.

For instance, you should think about additional aspects including wedding cake stands that will completetheir overall appearance.

The decoration should present your personality and style, incorporate with wedding venue and other factors, which will help you create something unique and unforgettable.