Top 4 Reasons Restaurants Love Bar Mops


Among Alsco’s inventory of restaurant linens is an extensive supply of bar mops. Company sales reps wouldn’t even think of approaching a new restaurant client without including bar mops in the proposal. Where kitchen towels are concerned, nothing is more loved and respected in a professional environment than the tried-and-true bar mop.

A bar mop is a thick, terry cloth towel made to be used and abused. It is strictly utilitarian in every way. So while you might be able to buy or rent bar mops with a few decorative elements added, it’s not likely those who actually use them will care what they look like. It is only how they perform that matters.

Knowing all of that, here are the top four reasons restaurants love bar mops:

1. They Are Super Absorbent

The typical restaurant kitchen is flowing with all sorts of liquids at varying temperatures. It only takes one spill to disrupt everything during the busy dinner hour. But when you have a bar mop on hand, spills are easily handled. Just throw down a bar mop, wait a few seconds for it to absorb the spill, and you’re back in business.

Bar mops are among the most absorbent towels you can find. Ask any line cook how important that is. Then ask the same question of servers, bussers, and bartenders. They will all tell you nothing works on a spill as well as a bar mop.

2. They Are Convenient

Next up is the fact that bar mops are convenient to have around. Imagine being a cook who uses a bar mop to clean up spills, a hand mitt to deal with hot pot handles, a kitchen towel to wipe down the cutting table, and an apron to wipe the hands. That’s a lot of things to keep track of.

The great thing about the bar mop is that it can perform all those functions. Indeed, it is fairly normal for cooks to rely on a single bar mop to do it all. That towel goes with them no matter where they travel in the kitchen.

Out on the bar, the bar mop is equally convenient. It’s used to wipe down the bar and clean up spills behind the bar. A clean bar mop can be used to wipe down glasses as well.

3. They Are Tough

With so many functions, a restaurant owner might worry that his or her bar mops are not up to the task. But they are. A high-quality bar mop will last for years with regular laundering. These tough-as-nails towels are designed to last. Everything from how they are manufactured to the materials chosen revolves around offering restaurants a durable towel with long life.

4. They Are Super Easy to Launder

Finally, it doesn’t take much effort to launder bar mops. They do not require any special detergents or a particular water temperature. You do not have to be careful about fading or discoloration. Just throw them in the washing machine and let the cycle run. Then throw them in the dryer. That’s it.

Professional laundry services like Alsco do their best to launder bar mops in a way that removes stains, but that’s more aesthetic than anything else. A stain is not going to harm the function or quality of the towel. A stained bar mop will still perform as intended.

It might be hard to make the case that the bar mop is the most important tool in the restaurant kitchen, but there’s little doubt it’s near the top of the list. It brings a lot to the proverbial table.