Why Wholesale Slivered Pistachios is Definitely the Way to Go

Are you on a pistachio high and have always wanted to whip up many delightful desserts and pastries with this delicious green nut? Don’t worry because this is completely normal once you’ve been introduced to the wonder that is the smiling nut. With its versatility and compatibility with many dishes, pistachios are not just for ice cream or for snacking. You can almost do anything – yes, you read that correctly – with these green gems. Therefore, buying wholesale slivered pistachios is the norm for those looking to experiment with it in the kitchen. This allows you flexibility in incorporating pistachios into your creations, whether it’s desserts, main dishes, or pastries. 

Here are ways you can use slivered pistachios to its fullest extent:

Turn into paste/spread

If you perhaps had too much slivered pistachios from your impulsive wholesale pistachio spree, worry not because we have the perfect pastime for you: pistachio spread/paste! Make this creamy, nutty, healthy spread by drying, roasting, and processing 100% pistachio kernels. Make sure to not remove its oil since this will be a key factor in turning these gorgeous green kernels into a buttery paste or spread. What’s more, pistachio spread is a perfect and healthy alternative to peanut butter since its oil is absolutely cholesterol-free and also sugar-free. Its smooth, creamy texture has a rich pistachio flavour that can add dimension to any of your dishes. You can adjust the thickness of the paste or spread depending on how you want to its consistency to be. Pistachio paste is typically richer than the nuts themselves, so the thicker it is, the more it meshes well with your cakes, cookies, and other types of pastries.

Make pistachio powder

Another great way of repurposing your pistachio slivers is to make pistachio powder. Pistachio powder is made by grinding the dried pistachio kernels. After grinding it to powder using a food processor, it can then be used as an essential ingredient for your desserts and pastries. However, be careful when putting the nuts through a food processor for too long since it might turn into paste. Pistachios have a vivid green colour until it gets roasted. Its colour mellows out once it is powdered and it can add a beautiful tinge of green to your delightful muffins, gelatos, marinades and relishes, puddings, and smoothies.

Whip up pistachio pesto

If you want a fresher take on your slivered pistachios, making pesto is definitely the way to go. Incorporating pistachios into your pesto makes this nut’s already versatile nature be even more compatible with a multitude of dishes. Combine pistachios with basil, cheese, lemon extract, red pepper flakes, and olive oil and put through your food processor. Blitz or pulse until it reaches your desired paste-like consistency. You can drizzle more olive oil and add more herbs and spices depending on how you want your pesto. Pistachio pesto can also be an excellent pesto for vegans looking to enjoy their pastas and breads. 

Pistachio is a very flexible nut to work with. Its many applications allow you flexibility in your recipes and can even be a perfect alternative for some ingredients if you’re looking for a change in diet. Buying wholesale slivered pistachios will save you the hassle of taking multiple trips to your grocery store or ordering multiple times online. Go ahead and stock up your pantry with an array of pistachio selections.