5 Essential Condiments to Get from Your Sauce Supplier in Singapore  

Chinese cuisine is known for its fresh ingredients, spices from various regions and an array of seasonings. There are different sauce selections from various supplier prospects in Singapore to select. Here is a list of must-have sauces in your kitchen.

#1 Soy Sauce (Light & Dark)

Light soy sauce (Sheng Chou/生抽) has a dark brownish-red colour and a water-like viscosity from fermented soybeans. Dark soy sauce (Lao Chou/老抽) appears darker and thicker since it contains molasses or other sweetening ingredients. There are various soy sauce options at supermarkets in Singapore due to the Chinese influences in Singaporean cuisine.

#2 Black Rice Vinegar

Black rice vinegar is as crucial in Chinese cooking as soy sauce. Salad dressings, stir-fries, soups, dipping sauces, and other classic foods like egg or spinach noodles dishes in Singapore benefit from this sauce. It has a unique blend of salty, acidic, sweet, and smokey flavours that are challenging to imitate or replicate.

#3 Shaoxing Rice Wine

Shaoxing rice wine is essential in Chinese cooking for preparing meat or fish. It is from fermented and glutinous rice. This yellow-amber wine has an average alcohol concentration of 14% and can be an alcoholic beverage on occasion. Although it has a slight vinegary flavour, rice vinegar cannot be a substitute.

#4 Oyster Sauce

Oyster Sauce is a black, syrup-like sauce produced from oyster extracts combined with cornstarch, salt, sweeteners, and other ingredients necessary for Cantonese dishes. Most use it in practically every Chinese meal, including stir-fries, stews, dumpling/bao fillings, and egg or spinach noodles all over Singapore.

#5 Sesame Oil

Chinese sesame oil imparts a unique nutty flavour and aroma to whatever meal. It is a common ingredient in cold appetisers, dips, marinades, and dumpling fillings. Every sauce supplier in and out of Singapore has its recipe. Just look for one that fits your taste.

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