Few New Offers from BBQs 2u for Those Who Love Grilled Foods

Those who love to eat grilled foods in the UK cannot miss the BBQs 2u who is very passionate about serving grilled foods and barbeques. Besides offering their customers tasty food, they also represent the following 3 famous oven companies:

  • Kamado Joe
  • Napoleon barbecue
  • Ooni Pizza

BBQs 2u have been selling their barbecues since 2002, and they love to share their experience with their customers about grilled foods and barbeques. BBQs 2u has been serving their customer grilled foods and barbeques for the last 3 generations and has got a rich experience in these foods.

Besides selling the ovens of the above-mentioned brands, BBQs 2u is also supplying their accessories. The users of these ovens can get all the necessary accessories at a very reasonable price. BBQs 2u also offer the best customer services to users of these oven models.

The following are the 2 models of ovens from Kamado Joe that are represented by BBQs 2u.


Kamado Joe Classic 2 Bundle is an ancient type of grill with an Asian method that offers a thick-walled cooker to provide a rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish, and all other vegetables. This oven also uses the same traditional method of grilling that has been followed for centuries.

In this oven, the air flows through the ceramic body of the grill and then will flow out from its vented dome, and the charcoal will produce the necessary smoke and heat. Although Kamado Joe has followed the same tradition, however, along with that one can find many modern innovations too.

Some of the styles used in the oven are classic with unparalleled quality, supported by innovative accessories, and a few ranges of flexible cooking surfaces.

A few websites sell by mentioning that the following accessories are offered as gifts.

  • Heat deflector
  • Divide and conquer cooking rack
  • Ash tool
  • Grill gripper

However, all these accessories come standard with any of these models of Kamado Joe and customers will get them automatically while buying this model.


This Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle is a new Classic barbeque from Kamado Joe. It will include a premium cart along with improved side tables and the latest innovations like the revolutionary slow roller smoke chamber insert that can transform the taste of the grilled food.

The Harvard University that can harness the new cyclonic airflow technology for controlling heat and smoke developed this slow roller.  It has been designed to perfect both the taste and also texture of the food when it is cooked at a low-and-slow temperature of up to 500°F.

Like its predecessor model that was discussed above, this model also features a very thick-walled, heat-resistant shell, which locks in moisture and smoke at any temperature. This will allow the users to successfully cook even during windy, cold, and wet climates outside. Hence, this makes this model usable during all 365 days in a year

Many reviews can be found about these ovens offered by BBQs 2u on various social networks including on YouTube too.