Five Kind of Service Styles you Can Choose From when Hosting a Party at a Restaurant

When planning an event, you will need to cover a lot of bases. One of these is how to serve food to your attendees. Fortunately, there are many ways to do about this.

Usually, the caterer offers certain kinds of foods and varieties depending on the service style you want. For instance, if you want servers to pass foods on trays during an afternoon reception, they will choose foods that are easy to handle and tend to hold up well. Thus, they will not include foods such as sauced items as they could drip. Finger foods are the most appropriate. If you want viande fumée Jarry, ask how the restaurant can serve your guests. Below are the different service styles that you can ask from most restaurants.

Reception Service

This involves serving light foods displayed on a buffet-style table. Often, guests stand and serve themselves. Also, they usually do not sit down to eat. This kind of service suits a walk and talk event. For this, you can order finger food and fork food. You don’t want to order food that requires a knife or is not easy to eat while standing.

Buffet Service

In this style of restaurant service, foods are arranged on tables. Usually, guests move along the buffet line and serve themselves. They take their food-filled plates to a dining table to eat. Beverage service is usually provided at tableside. If you choose every elegant buffet, servers would carry the plates of your guests to their tables for them.

Plated Service

In this service, guests are seated. The restaurant pre-portions the food in the kitchen, arranges it on plates, and serves from the left. They serve beverages from the right. The servers remove dishes and glasses from the right. This service is the most common, functional, and economical type.

Pre-Set Service

This service involves having food already on the dining tables when guests are seated. Because pre-set foods are on the tables for a few minutes before your guests will eat them, ensure you pre-set just those that will retain their sanitary and culinary qualities at room temperatures. Thus, consider ordering bread and butter and some appetisers.

Plated Buffet Service

Selection of pre-plated foods like sandwich plates, entrees, and salad plates are set on a buffet table.  Also, the servers might place the foods on a roll-in and move them into the function room at the designated time.