Four exciting ways to cook eggs

Eggs are excellent protein sources; they’re very versatile too. Every country and every culture cook eggs differently. There are hundreds of eggs recipes, the thing is, we often only make them in one or two ways, and we get bored.

This is why we thought we would give you four different ways to cook eggs; to get you inspired and excited again for the oldest food on earth.

Read on and pick the dish that charms you the most and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite ways of enjoying eggs.

The Croque Madame, a fancy lady

A croque madam is one of those dishes that can elevate your breakfast to royalty; it’s just so comforting and fancy. Start with a ham and cheese sandwich (sugary, artisanal bread like brioche and high-quality cheese work best.) Then top it with a hefty amount of cheese like Emmental or Gruyere and grate it in the oven.

Once the cheese is gooey and golden-hued, top your sandwich with a fried sunny side up. You’ll feel like in a small bistro on the pebbled streets of Paris.

Huevos rancheros, Mexican style eggs

Huevos rancheros, Mexican style eggs

This filling dish makes eggs exciting again. A popular Mexican breakfast (and sometimes lunch) that will open your eyes to new cooking frontiers.

Begin by gently warming two corn tortillas in hot oil. Once they’re crunchy and tanned, set them in your plate and top each with a fried egg. Sunnyside up or down, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll top the whole thing with a spicy tomato sauce. Serve beans on the side for the most authentic experience and enjoy!

Pro tip: Make the sauce by blending ripe red tomatoes with onion, cilantro, and as may red peppers as you can resist.

Shakshuka, the spirit of the Orient

Mastering shakshuka-making takes time, but it’s well worth it. The main element of the dish is a spicy, complex tomato-based sauce. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, and nutmeg are common ingredients, but everyone makes their shakshuka sauce a little different. Once you have a beautiful, thick sauce, pouch your eggs in it and serve immediately. The eggs end up tender and runny, and they blend with the sauce seamlessly, creating an explosion of flavors.

This is as hearty as egg dishes go and don’t even get us started about flavor; what an intense breakfast!

Salade niçoise, the queen of salads

Salade niçoise, the queen of salads

The French niçoise salad is a classic; it’s a crowd-pleaser and a noble way to enjoy eggs. Start with fresh seasonal vegetables, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and even artichokes are common, and remember to add a fistful of lovely black olives and tuna (or anchovies).

Ow the best part: No niçoise salad is complete with perfectly cooked, diced hard-boiled eggs; they’re the stars of the show. To get them exactly right here’s the best way to cook eggs:

Enjoy your niçoise salad with a glass of rosé and celebrate that eggs are exciting again.