How Soon Should You Finalize The Menu For Your Wedding

What was once considered as the traditional menu for weddings – filet of beef with baked potatoes – is no longer valid in this era. Couples are now opting for a more varied menu as compared to traditional weddings.

Lucky for you, if you and your special someone are on the lookout for a modern caterer for weddings, this is your day. We will be walking you through some of the best tips and tricks needed in finalizing the menu for your wedding.

Finalizing Everything in Time

Time is of the essence. There are just so many things to plan before the big day. Finding a caterer for weddings is just part of the long list of things to do. With that in mind, you have to ensure that the invitations are sent in time, at least about six months before your wedding day.

It is important to send the invitations and get a final headcount before setting your menu for your wedding so that you can also assess whether or not you’ll exceed your budget or if you have room to make the menu a little more special.

The sooner you send your wedding invitations, the sooner you can finalize your menu. In addition, you should require at least an RSVP from each of your guests at least about four to five weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to plan the dishes to be included in the menu.

Figuring Out The Basic Menu

When it comes to finding caters for weddings, you must know that menus can take a number of forms. It can be a simple self-service buffet or it can be an elaborate five-course meal which is served by waiters. Whether or not you choose either of the two is completely up to you and your special someone.

Of course, you need to consider the number of guests you’ll be having, the location of the reception, your budget, the time allowed to prepare for it, and the actual dishes to be served to your guests. The most basic of serving meals to your guest is the seated dinner. It is preceded by a cocktail hour with three courses.

The First Course

Caterer for weddings would typically serve a skillfully arranged salad of fennel, oranges, and olives as the first course. There are also times when they would serve a trio of prawns.

The Main Entree

When it comes to the main entree, caters for weddings would serve fish or meat. Some of the basic dishes for this category include filet mignon or even poached salmon. Do note that you should also ask your guests for any dietary preference. To be safe, you can advise your caterers to separate the dish for vegan or vegetarian guests so as to avoid confusion.


When it comes to desserts, you may or may not serve this on your wedding day. Some couples would even serve desserts by their wedding cake. However, in modern times, desserts are already served separately.

In the end, the caterer for weddings you choose will greatly affect the success of the finalized menu. Be sure to do a taste test on the chosen dishes so that you wouldn’t have any regrets on the big day.

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