How To Choose The Best Water Filtration System

When you are looking for the best water filtration system, you need to take into account many other aspects than just the price. The reality is that, ultimately, you want to ensure that the system that you buy is able to remove different contaminants, that is durable, and that it is somewhat compact so you can easily store it. In addition, you should also only consider water filtration systems that come with a good warranty. On top of all this enters your budget.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Water Filtration System

#1: The Contaminants Filtered:

The main reason that leads people to buy a water filtration system is to ensure that you are able to enjoy the water that doesn’t have any color, smell or taste. So, the more contaminants the water filtration system is able to filter the better.

One of the things that you should keep in mind is that a good water filtration system should be able to reduce at least 10 contaminants. However, this isn’t the only thing that you should consider. You should also make sure that the water filtration system that you pick is NSF certified.

The NSF certification allows you to know that the filter that you are buying meets the strict safety and health guidelines and that is routinely tested to make sure that the standards are still being met.

#2: The Design:

When you are looking for a good water filtration system, you will see that you have a lot of different models available. While some are compact, others tend to be quite bulky. However, since you probably are looking to keep your water filtration system under your sink, it is preferable that you measure how much space available you have.

One of the best things about water filtration systems is that most of them don’t even require someone with special skills to install them. You can simply hook them on your own or ask a friend to do it for you if you feel more comfortable. With this in mind, it is wise that you only check the water filtration systems that already include installation kits and which filters are not only accessible as they can be easily replaced by you.

#3: Performance Features:

When you are looking for the best water filtration system, it is important that you understand that they’re not all the same. The truth is that water filtration systems may reduce contaminants in different stages.

The best water filtration systems tend to include at least three different stages to decrease pollutants from the water. So, as you can imagine, each stage will be responsible for the elimination of specific contaminants that may include residue, chemicals, and sediment.

One of the things that you need to understand is that some water filtration systems can affect your water pressure. So, when you want to prevent this, you should look for a filter system that has a water pressure that ranges between 55 and 65 psi.

While most water filtration systems don’t require a lot of maintenance, they all need for you to replace their filters. As a rule of thumb, filters tend to last for about 6 months. However, if you decide to go with a more expensive water filtration system, some of these already include a notification system by sound or water that will alert you when you need to replace it.

#4: Warranty:

Most water filtration systems on the market tend to include a one-year warranty. However, you should make sure to confirm it since there are already many manufacturers that offer shorter warranties.

#5: The Pricing:

The truth is that water filtration systems may be a bit expensive. However, you can have one for about $160 to $170. Nevertheless, the more contaminants the water filtration system can remove, the more expensive it will be. You will notice that you will find some water filtration systems with prices ranging between $400 and $800.


As you can see, it is not difficult to choose a good water filtration system. You don’t need to look at all those “technicalities”. As long as you keep in mind the space that you have available, the chemicals that it is able to filter, and the warranty, you just need to choose the best water filtration system according to your budget.