It’s time to learn something new – Korean Food

Ever since I was a child I loved to bake and cook, it was one of my passions, learned how to make more spicy foods that were centred on my country and western food. But I never learned how to cook Asian food, so why not start now. Why not learn to cook Korean food, what’s the worst that could happen. Plus cooking is important, this can be explained below.

Why is it important that we learn to cook?

I’m not a big fan of eating out, unless it was pizza, I always wanted homemade things, this made me realize how important it is to learn to cook. First of all everyone assumes eating is better, it is cost effective and doesn’t take up time. However it is expensive to eat out everyday, and it sure isn’t healthy at all. Cooking is also a way to expand your skill set, and you never know you could end p falling in love with it that you take it as career choice. Plus you’ll always have extra and you can just heat it up and that’s it. It’s also a good way to express yourself, food is art after all.

How to cook Korean food?

If you want to learn to cook Korean food you have to learn a couple of things… the most important part about Korean cuisine is the ingredients. The ingredients are what makes this cuisine stand out. You need to have rice, soya sauce, fermented soy bean paste, hot pepper paste, hot pepper flakes, fish oil and sesame oil, and sesame seeds. All these can be found at your local grocery store, or in any Asian market. It won’t be that hard to find. After you have the ingredients it a few simple steps of adding more ingredients with heat and so on.

Where can you learn to cook?

You can learn to cook from almost anywhere, the best place is your mom, if you’re mom makes the food in the house then she has the chance of teaching all the tips and tricks to you. Or the internet could also come of use, there are tons of cooking videos so you can learn from that too. Or the next best option is to go to a professional cooking class, this way you can learn from the best and end up making some killer food.