Looking for private party venue? Don’t miss these pointers!

Planning a private event can be overwhelming. You have to manage everything and must ensure that it all fits in your budget. One of the primary aspects that needs attention is the venue. If you are in Montreal, there are many cafés, bars and restaurants that double up as venues for special events and private parties. For instance, for smaller groups of 20 to 30 people, you can book places like Riverside private party venue. Before you confirm your booking, here are some quick things to take note of. 

  1. Location. Eventually, you want people to attend your party, and therefore, the location is one of the foremost things to take note. Select a place that’s accessible and easy to reach, and possibly should be close to the main city center. 
  2. Budget. It all boils down to how much you can afford, so it makes sense to decide on the budget early on, so that you can sort your options better. Just ensure that you have 10% of the decided budget aside, so that you can deal with additional expenses later, if any. 
  3. Ambience. Montreal has bars, restaurants and places that offer the perfect ambience for different private parties. Consider the theme of your party and select accordingly. In other words, a venue for the kid’s birthday celebration is not ideal for a group of friends who just want to get drunk. 
  4. Menu. Just booze is not enough, and therefore, checking the menu of the bar or restaurant is necessary. Figure out the options they have for snacks, sides and mains, and you can decide on placing an advance request. 
  5. Discounts. Some places will offer discounts on advance bookings, selected services and large groups, while others already have the best price point, so you cannot expect much beyond the initial quote. Nevertheless, do ask about it. 
  6. Special facilities. If you want to bring your dogs along, or need to book the venue for a corporate event, you should ask in advance. You don’t want to be disappointed on arrival, so ensure that the management is aware of your special needs. 
  7. Advance. If you are booking close to the actual date, you may have to give as much as 50% of the amount in advance. Check for refunds and other relevant policies. 

Booking a venue for you next party doesn’t have to be that complicated after all!