Make It a Night to Remember – Ideas to Pick Up Your Corporate Events


Corporate events are perhaps one of the most crucial elements to running a successful business. These are the events where you will get to meet some of the key individuals who can bring your business out of the dark ages and in to the modern world.

Not all planned events have to be formal sit down occasions, there is a multitude of ideas which can not only bring your team and key influencers together, but also create an event which will not be forgotten any time soon.

If you’re looking to host a corporate event along the lines of catering Milano here are some popular ideas and themes to help get you started.

Socially Relaxed Bbqs

Easy to set up and maintain throughout the duration of the event, a social BBQ is one of the most relaxed environments you can offer to your team and the corporate members. 

Stick to a traditional menu of burgers, sausages, corn on the cob and other family favourites to give your guests plenty to chew on while discussing everything shop.

Alternative sides can help to bulk up the selection and impress the guests with a mixture of salads, breads and other dietary options to show that you care about everyone’s individual needs.

Being an outdoor event, there is not much need for décor so a bit of bunting here and there and maybe a balloon for the children.

Supporting Sports

If there is a big game coming up this could be your ideal opportunity to cash in and turn it in to an event that works for you and your corporate agenda.

Set up a larger than life screen to show the game and don’t forget to lay out the snacks. Even more informal than a BBQ, sports themed events rely on nibbles like chicken wings, popcorn, potato chips and crates of beer. Throw in some non alcoholic beers for those who are driving and you’ve got it made. 

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Go Mexican for a corporate event with a build your own taco station. 

Everyone loves a taco or three so pile up on the ingredients to get your corporate team stuck in. Use a selection of meats like traditional pulled pork and add tasty Mexican sides like rice, cactus and black fried beans to really set the scene.

But why stop at the food? Turn the taco station in to part of something bigger with decorations and even live entertainment. Combine all the elements together for an event to really get the team talking.


Christmas is a great time to host large scale events to recap on the year and host ideas for the year going forward. 

A formal sit down occasion is always popular around the holidays so go all out for this bash to really make an impression. Show your thanks and appreciation to the team by offering a three course meal and dancing till early hours.