Our Mexi Shred blend isn’t just for Mexican dishes; its versatility might surprise you.

A bit of cheese goes a long way, whether as an appetiser at a backyard barbecue, a dinner party, or even a special dessert. The key is how you serve it.

Our Mexican-shredded cheese blend adds a vibrant flavour and visually appealing aesthetic to a wide range of dishes. This cheese not only delivers exceptional melt consistency but also offers the perfect combination of stretch and flavour.

Our Mexi-Shred blend cheese stretches beyond just four ingredients.

There are four main ingredients in cheese: milk, rennet, cultures, and salt. Each of these influences its production differently. Generally speaking, the more fat in the milk, the richer the cheese. Yeast cultures offer all kinds of flavours. Our cheesemakers also use adjunct cultures to experiment with flavour profiles that require a long aging process. Another significant factor in cheesemaking is temperature. The general rule of thumb: the longer the cheese is aged, the more flavour it will have.

With our Mexi-Shred Blend Cheese, you will enjoy the exceptional melt and consistency combined with the stretch and flavour of four unique cheese blends. We’ll run through these four cheeses now:

In terms of texture, Monterey Jack is a semi-firm, creamy, mild-flavoured Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk, either whole or skimmed. The cheese, aged between two weeks and a month, melts quickly, and its neutral flavour allows you to mix it with just about anything.

Generally, Natural Cheddar Cheese is made with pure ingredients such as milk, salt, enzymes, and sometimes colour. Age plays a significant role in its taste as it matures over nine months to two years. Depending on the producer, it is typically white to yellow. However, some producers manually add a yellow-orange colour to alter its appearance. Since this cheesy category melts so well and is mostly firm in texture, it’s a great addition to baked or Tex-Mex dishes!

Asadero Cheese (Oaxaca Cheese) or Queso Quesadilla is white cheese often found in Mexican cuisine. The texture is similar to mozzarella string cheese, whereas the flavour is closer to Monterey Jack. Creamy, smooth, and semi-soft, with a great melting profile, this Mexican white cheese is one of the many white kinds of cheese found throughout the country.

The Oaxaca cheese is a semi-soft white Mexican cheese named after Oaxaca’s Mexican region. This Mexican cheese has a stringy, buttery texture, mild to sweet flavour and excellent melting qualities.

These four cheese types make up our four-cheese blend, angel hair Mexi Shred Blend. Our Mexi Shred is the perfect melting cheese for anything hot or cold! It not only adds brilliant flavour and appeals to countless dishes, but this shredded cheese also saves time in the kitchen.

Mexican Shred Blends offer versatility for all your cheese needs.

This perfectly shredded Mexican cheese blend complements any cuisine, including non-Mexican cuisines. The combination of four Mexican kinds of cheese makes this product a fantastic topping for grilled cheese sandwiches, casseroles, omelettes, baked goods, and even salad or chilli garnishes. It pairs well with all types of vegetables like tomatoes, cilantro, and onions; it makes it a favourite of both professional and amateur chefs!

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