Pure Japanese Knife: The way You Need

Both of these types of steels do not contain chromium in impurities, therefore they require a very careful attitude and careful maintenance. According to the production technology, ShiroGami and Ki Gami, these are unalloyed, high-carbon. The standard Rockwell hardness is a maximum of 60 HRC. You can also visit to the Kamikoto Twitter page for its best variation now.

The Steel of the Knife

AoGami is also a sought-after type of steel, but different from the two considered in that it is high-carbon alloyed. The carbon content here is 1.20% to 1.50%. During production, some impurities are added to it (this is chromium and tungsten, and in some cases vanadium), which provide impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and viscosity, thereby simplifying the care of finished products and increasing their durability. Impurities slightly reduce the cutting properties, but using the best knives in the kitchen, this cannot be determined.

  • Separately, it should be noted, and the presence of modern technologies for the production of high-quality steel. These include the production of ZDP 189 steel. It is characterized by a unique hardening method, as a result of which Rockwell hardness is 67.5 HRC, and the steel remains ductile and has excellent cutting properties. Interestingly, this alloy is polished to a perfect mirror state. The number “189” – shows the number of the experiment, as a result of which the necessary properties were achieved.

Only a few companies all over the country are involved in the production of steel for knives. The most famous producer is Hitachi Metals, which produces white paper, yellow paper, and ZDP 189. Also, Takefu Steel Corporation and Diado Steel Company can be noted among steel producers.

The most famous manufacturers of Japanese knives

Immediately it is worth canceling that in the number of companies that produce knives, Japan can compete with any country, there are quite a lot of them, and there are more than a dozen well-known ones outside the country. For many companies, the production of such products has been going on for centuries, for example, “Hiromoto” has existed for almost eight centuries, but there are also “young” manufacturers and they present their products in excellent quality, using modern technologies based on the principles of ancient forging swords. At the same time, modern Japanese companies that directly produce knives use steel purchased, they themselves are not involved in its smelting.

Among the manufacturers, the most noteworthy is the company of the Aritsugi family, which produces expensive and high-quality knives. It is documented, the activity of this family in the manufacture of knives dates back to 1560.

The Listed Ones

Hiromoto has been on the list of companies producing the best Japanese knives for seven hundred and eighty years. Here, mainly the production of professional knives is established, the highest requirements are imposed on the quality and strength of which. Knives are made of high-carbon alloy steel AoGami and stainless – Gin Gami.

  • For more than a hundred years, the Fukumoto models have been introduced to the knife market. They produce both types of knives for professionals (in this line of damask steel lining and the classic Japanese handle made of wood and buffalo horn), as well as house-saving options.
  • Particularly noteworthy is the well-known manufacturer “Hattori”, which has earned high demand and an excellent reputation among users during its half-century of existence. The company’s products were awarded the title of “World’s Best Kitchen Knife”.