Savor The Different Types Of Pizza For A Great Food Time


Can you smell the sweet and sour aroma of your favorite pizza when we mention its name? Surely you might have tried number pizzas by now, but when we say that there is much more to explore here, we mean it! Today we are going to talk about different types of mouth-watering pizza, lo and behold:

1) Neapolitan: The Original Pizza

Surely, all pizza connoisseurs would have had their fill of this particular delicacy. With a thin and crunchy crust baked in a firewood oven, it comes with minimal toppings like basil, Marzano tomato sauce, and buffalo mozzarella cheese. People have tried various combinations to this base, and the results are delicious!

2) New York: Thin Crust Pizza

With a perfect balance of grated mozzarella cheese and thin tomato sauce, this particular pizza is folded before eating. Quite the experiment that New Yorkers did with the Neapolitan pizza in the 90s. Let’s just say that this is what driving the city now, with different toppings and unique flavors to offer in the same thin crust.

3) Chicago Deep Dish

This thick pizza comes with a medium thickness crust with a very thick and large layer of toppings. Happens to be quite a happy meal you’d like to enjoy for a fulfilling treat with friends and family. This pizza takes quite the time to bake because of which the toppings are placed on the inside and the cheese layer gets the crusty feels. Definitely, something that should be on your to-try list.

4) Detroit Style Pizza

Your round pizza gets square in Detroit. You’ll find it quite similar to Sicilian-style pizza that comes with a deep-dish crust and marinara sauce that is served on the top. The crust is caramelized with crunch edges as it is baked in a well-oiled pan. This pizza has a different fan base of its own. What’s your favorite flavor?

5) New Jersey Style: The Tomato Pie

In this particular type of pizza, you will find that the cheese and toppings are placed beneath the tomato sauce in comparison to other pizzas where they use the tomato sauce as the base. Gives it quite the enriched flavor. The pizza tastes sweet and tart because of the tomato top layer.

Having said this, it’s time to try different pizza types at Double Pizza Montreal and add to your list your favorite pizza type. May the best flavor win.