Shop at Turkish Markets to Prepare the Most Famous Turkish Dishes

Turkey is the melting pot of various cultures as it straddles Asia and Europe and West meets East, a reflection of which is best seen in its cuisine. Whether you are a newcomer to Turkish food or you are a Turkish who miss your country’s dishes, don’t worry because shopping at a Turkish market in San Francisco can give you the chance to start preparing these foods in no time.


With a history that dates as far back as the era of the Ottoman Empire, baklava is no doubt one of the most iconic dishes of Turkey. It is a type of layered pastry filled with nuts as filling and covered with ground pistachios and syrup for a memorable Mediterranean dessert. You can search for baklava in many supermarkets and bakeries, but it is best consumed when freshly baked.


The döner is the other well-known kebab that offers the same diversity when it comes to the choice of meat that is seasoned with spices and herbs and cooked on a rotating vertical spit. Fresh cuts of meat are then served in a bread wrap together with salad and spicy or garlic sauces.


These meatballs from Turkey are available in all sizes and shapes you can imagine. You can also eat them solo as street snacks, dip them in plain yogurt, or pair them with salad and rice. The diverse regions of Turkey have also débuted their own individual varieties, which include Izgara Köfte, served with bread, rice, and grilled peppers, and Çiğ Köfte that is best eaten raw.


Kumpir is a flexible and cheap staple when it comes to street food selections in the bustling district of Ortaköy in Istanbul. It is a type of crispy baked potato with your own choice of creative and delectable fillings.


If you are having a hard and confusing time deciding on your menu, why not enjoy a crash course in a selection of traditional dishes with cold appetizers? A traditional meze includes up to 20 items, ranging from salads and bean dishes to spreads and dips, served with drinks and bread.


Often referred to as Turkish pizza, similar to its distant cousin from Italy, pide is a type of flat pastry base with cheese, assorted vegetables, and meat as toppings and heated in a stove oven. The selection of toppings is almost endless, which makes pide and lahmacun, its leaner counterpart, an ideal choice for vegetarians and other diners who have specific dietary requirements.

Şiş Kebap

Kebab is the umbrella term used to refer to a range of street eats, with skewered şiş kebap being the most popular one. Made of lamb or beef by tradition, diners today can choose from a bigger variety of meat, poultry, vegetarian, and fish options, şiş kebap is grilled over charcoal then served on wooden or metal skewers.