Six Unique Sauces that can Up your Steak Game

If you are planning to prepare a great steak dinner, you may serve your New York strip, rib eye, or sirloin with a delicious sauce. Fortunately, there are many sauce options you can choose from. You want bright and zesty things, you can opt for the vibrant green chimiuchurri. For sophisticated dinners, consider a red wine pan sauce. You can order the most delicious steaks with amazing sauces at a Rib n Reefsteakhouse restaurant.Keep reading to know some unique sauces that compliment beef instead of overpowering it:

Green Chimichurri

This steak sauce is a vibrant blend of olive oil, parsley, and garlic. It offsets rich steak with bright and zesty notes. A red version of this sauce is made with tomatoes or bell peppers. The green variety can also include spicy peppers or other bright herb such as cilantro and oregano. When incorporating this sauce into your steak, a spoonful should be enough to give the meat a tangy kick and unique taste.

Brown Butter

This sauce includes melting unsalted butter over low heat, until the butter fat and milk solids separate. Over gentle heat, the milk solids will become brown, producing a rich, nutty flavor. Adding aromatics or herbs will improve the nutty flavor.

Garlic Cilantro Sauce

Because garlic and steak live in perfect harmony, you cannot go wrong with garlic cilantro sauce for your steak. Some steak lovers even cook their meat in garlic butter or throw garlic in the pan as the meat sears. Garlic has intense flavor that clings to the meat and takes its taste to the next level.


This creamy steak sauce is made from garlic, eggs, and garlic. These ingredients are actually the same ones used for making mayonnaise. However, this sauce is a topping that should be considered for steaks. Top the seared steak with a bit of fresh Aioli to get an incredible flavor experience.

Peppercorn Sauce

Your favorite beef cuts can perfectly pair with fresh peppercorns made into an amazing sauce. With this sauce, you can expect two flavors that do not overpower the other and work together to create a strong taste that makes sense. This is the best sauce for your filet mignon, although it can also work with a variety of other steak variety.

Salsa Verde

This steak sauce blends seamless with flank thinly-sliced steak. You can make this by using a mix of anchovies, Dijon mustard, herbs, capers, and oil. Some people elevate their steak with fancy salsa composed of roasted red peppers, bell peppers, red wine vinegar, and more.