The Main Components of A Bar

When designing a bar, you may have many great ideas that you just can’t wait to implement. However, your design may not work when you come to discover what the actual elements of a bar are.

Granted, no bar is the same and it would be very boring if they were. On the other hand, there are certain components that a good bar should have. A concept Dawnvale has imbedded in its bar designs.

These components will not only serve a functional purpose in the efficient running of the bar but it will also decide how you design your bar. Once you know what the main components of a bar are, you can proceed to make arrangement for any additional elements you please.


If you have ever gone to a bar, you know that there is much that goes on under the bar. In fact, it is one of the most crucial parts of a commercial bar.

The underbar should be designed to give the bar’s staff the ability to offer quick and efficient service. The bar’s staff should ideally only have to move one step to serve a customer.

An underbar system should have a unique design that sets the bar apart from other bars. The design should not only enable easy access to service but it should also offer clever storage facilities that minimize the use of space.


Most people will notice the bar’s counter when they first walk in to the establishment. Considering how important first impressions are in the hospitality industry, the bar’s counter should speak volumes about the bar.

You have a wealth of options when it comes to countertops consisting of natural and synthetic materials. Countertop material options include metal, marble, corian, wood, concrete and granite.

However, a bar top has to be stylish, durable and easy to clean. The bar’s countertop should also be easy to replace in case of any damage.

You can also choose a countertop edge that can be customised to suit your preferences. Stylish countertop edges include square edge, single bevel and bird’s beak.

Bar frontage and side panels

The frontage and side panels of a bar are also an opportunity to make a style statement. Every bar has a frontage and side panels which can give customers the atmosphere you want to achieve.

A bar’s frontage and panels can be made from a whole host of materials including glass, fabric upholstery, metal, timber, Corian, stone, concrete and epoxy resin.

The frontage of the bar usually contains the lighting and audio system. You can choose a variety of lighting options for the bar including uplighting, downlighting, continuous lighting and variable lighting.

A well hidden audio system with woofers, speakers and amps can be integrated into your bar’s frontage.

Back bar

The back bar is the part of the bar that holds all the drinks and is a great tool to capture the attention of customers. A back bar display should ensure that products and storage facilities are well designed to ensure ease of access and quick service.

Back bar display should include bottle steps, a load bearing rack and speed rails. Cooling systems such as refrigerators should also be a part of a back bar display.

Back bar lighting is a crucial component of the back bar. You want the lighting to accentuate the back bar’s display.