Tips to Enjoy a Healthy, Guilt-free Pizza

‘Healthy pizza’ may sound crazy! Pizza has earned a bad reputation among the public for high calories, fat, and sodium content. But still, you can enjoy delicious, healthy pizza without worrying about its sodium or fat content. When it’s said, many people may think that creating a healthy pizza is possible only when you make it on your own. If you are one among them, you are wrong! If you are not careful with the crust and topping choices, the fat, sodium, and calories in your pizza can be quiet high. Here we’ve listed a few tips to consider to order a healthy take out pizza in Vancouver.

Begin with a Salad

According to a recent research report, people who ate a large salad before a meal avoided overeating and ate only fewer calories. It’s because healthy vegetables have high fibre content that makes you feel fuller and leaves less room for you to overeat. If you don’t like to eat your salad first, consider pairing it with small slices of pizza.

Downsize Your Pie

Downsizing is a great way to be healthier when you are ordering a pizza. Go for a medium-sized pie when you are tempted to request a large pizza or choose small-size over medium-size. This makes an excellent difference on your calorie intake. The next time you order a pizza at your favourite pizzeria, don’t forget to downsize it to get rid of some extra calories.

Don’t Go for Extra Cheese

You are adding extra calories, fat, and sodium to your diet for each slice of pizza with extra cheese. This only makes your pizza unhealthy. So, forget the extra, double, or triple amount of cheese to eat a guilt-free pizza.

Choose Thin Crust Pizza

In a thick-crust pizza, calories and fat are high, whereas the thin-crust version has half the amount of calories and fat. With people being health-conscious these days, the thin crust has become the favourite option for many pizza lovers.

Watch the Topping

When you are choosing topping for pizza, stick to veggies over meat as vegetables are always healthier options than meat. Today, most restaurants in Vancouver offer vegetable toppings such as spinach, tomatoes, kale, corn, peppers, and mushrooms.  You can mix and match these veggies to come up with the right combination that satisfies your health needs.

The Bottom Line

Eating pizza is not unhealthy! It’s all about the ingredients. The crust, amount of cheese, and toppings used to make it a good or bad diet choice. So, follow our tips to order your favourite pizza in Vancouver and make it a healthy food choice.