Top 6 Reasons You Should Offer Happy Hour at Your Bar or Restaurant

If you are wondering if you should offer a happy hour at your bar or restaurant, the answer is yes. The primary purpose of happy hour is to bring in customers during slow times of the day. Happy hours are an amazing marketing strategy. They boost sales and attract potential customers. The consumption of alcohol is generally low in the afternoon and early evening. With happy hours, it is possible to drive customers in and increase profit margins. With a proper happy hour program, you can increase your revenue significantly.

Happy hours are no longer specific to bars. Plenty of restaurants offer them as well. A happy hour program works regardless of the type of bar or restaurant you own.

 The following are some of the reasons why you need happy hours.

  1. To Promote New Products

Use happy hours to introduce your new arrivals. There is no better time for your customers to learn about new products than during happy hour. Happy hours put your bar in the limelight and create general awareness in your area.

  1. Increasing Profit Margins’

Most people who visit your bar or restaurant hope to save money. Happy hours give them the chance to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks at affordable costs. The low prices will encourage guests to buy more. Discounted prices are some of the best ways to bring in customers.

  1. Increasing Customer Loyalty

If you introduce happy hours to your bar or restaurant, customers will start to associate it with good value. It promotes customer retention and loyalty. Your loyal customers are likely to tell others about your bar or restaurant.

  1. Increasing Your Party Size

Happy hours are great for groups. They give friends a chance to catch up and coworkers get to spend time together away from the office space. A good happy hour program will drive traffic and increase profits.

  1. It can Build Brand Awareness

You can use happy hour programs to improve your brand awareness. If you are trying to find the thing that will make customers prefer your bar or restaurant over others, happy hour is the answer. Happy hour allows you to market your brand. Customers get to learn your signature drinks and pricing.

If a visitor can relate with your brand, they are likely to become a regular.

  1. Targeting a Specific Group

If you wish to target specific demographics, happy hour programs may be helpful. Whether you are trying to attract a business crowd, young guests, or sports lovers, you can take advantage of your happy hours. Your happy hour should include offers on the products that appeal to your target group.

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