What is Compressor Equipment?

With this article, we are going to give you an understanding of what compressor equipment is. But first, we need to take a look at what the compressor is and what it does for the industries, or what’s the applications of the compressor are for several industries. Compressors are mechanical machines or devices which are meant to be used for increasing pressure to various compressible fluids, or gases, or the air. Compressors are used in several industries to provide compressed air; to power air tools, provide power to paint sprayers, and blast equipment or blast freezers; or to provide phase shift refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration; or to push gases through the pipelines; etc.

Carious types and manufacturing materials

Compressors are of various types and manufacturing materials. These are common of two types of the manufacturing facility. One is a centrifugal or dynamic type of compressor and the other positive-displacement type compressor. Compressors are commonly built-in or of the second type that is positive- displacement type.

They can range in size, from as small as it fits-in-a-glovebox unit that is used for the inflation of the tires, to the bigger versions like reciprocating or turbo compressors found in pipeline service. Positive-displacement compressors could be further divided into several reciprocating types, where it might contain one or more pistons or rotary types where it contains a helical screw and rotary vanes in its formation.

Compressors might come with several different manufacturing facilities, parts, and components that make them different from the rest. These are grouped concerning their function that accounts for their basic operation of compressing air or gas. Let’s have an idea of how these are related and have what in them to operate them with a common function. The common types concerning their function include:

– Piston compressors
– Diaphragm compressors
– Helical Screw compressors
– Sliding vane compressors
– Scroll compressors
– Rotary Lobe compressors
– Centrifugal compressors
– Axial compressors

With these compressor designs and functions available, there is a considerable margin of rebuilding and maintaining those air compressors, and recondition them for better and longer use. Their parts and components might include pistons, valves, rotary components, belts, conveyors, and many more. These vary concerning the type of compressor. When we consider a Rotary compressor; the main equipment will be housing with built-in flow passages, a rotating shaft for mounting the impeller, seals, and bearings that help to trap the natural gas from leaking, and for Reciprocating compressor; these parts might include a piston, suction channels, and cylinder, cylinder heads, and discharge valves.

Single and double stage

There is another considerable difference concerning the single-stage and double stage reciprocating compressors. Single-stage compressors include air drawn to the cylinder and compressed in a single stroke, while the two-stage compressor has an extra piston and is capable of higher-level compression. Therefore, it is most widely used at the industrial level. Compressors are used with various industries and applications as many industries require compressed air and undergo processes that involve compression. Therefore, compressors are a compulsory part of a wide chunk of industries.