What You Need To Know About Towson, Maryland If You’re Planning To Move

Moving to a new town can be really intimidating especially if it’s your first time considering doing so. A great place to move to is Towson, MD. Apart from the various restaurants in Towson MD for you to go to and enjoy great food, there are lots of sights to see.

The weather’s a good balance between warm and cold. You also get to encounter many academics and workaholics in the area which props you up for a productive future due to the environment that you will be in. There are many facilities to keep you fit as well.

Educated Population

According to the 2010 census, the population of Towson, MD was 55,197. You can expect a lot more than that today with so many more people making the move to the mini-city. Based on this census, it is the second-most populated unincorporated county seat in the entire country.

Most of the inhabitants that you will encounter are either college students or alumni of the Towson University and Goucher College. Most of them go to work within the town as well so you will be meeting a lot of students and professionals when you move.

If you want your children to graduate and work in a positive environment, this is the town to be in.

Walk, Walk, Walk

If you like to walk, Towson, MD will suit you best. You can get around easily even if you are only on foot. You can start from one end of the town to the other and you’ll always be able to find a walkway along the way.

There are many walkable neighborhoods which are right in the middle of great architecture. Before you move, why not taking a short trip just to see it for yourself? Towson, MD is considered to be among the top walkable towns in the entire country and it’s hard to dispute that.

Historical Place

The history of Towson, Maryland can be traced back as far as the 1600s. Before there was even a Towson, the Susquehannock people that hunted in the area are greatly honored. You’ll be able to find tributes reminding you of this even along the Susquehanna River where their primary settlement was.

In the 1700s, you can go back to the history of the settlement by the Pennsylvania brothers, William and Thomas Towson, began farming around the area. The progress of the town became rapid when Ezekiel Towson opened the Towson Hotel for those that are traveling to and from Baltimore, MD.

Great Food

When you talk about Towson, MD, you can’t ignore the food. With so many restaurants in Towson MD to choose from, you’ll have a hard time starting out at first. Try all of them. Most of the restaurants along the busier streets are there for a reason.

You’ll be introduced to the unique tastes for the classics that you’ve been used to. When seasons change, most of the specialties change as well so don’t forget to try out the food again later on.

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