Where to Find the Best Steakhouse Place

Did you know that there are several Baton Rouge steakhouse restaurant in Montreal? I was surprised when I called up a map. These are all restaurants with premium comfort-food and an inviting and casual ambiance.

Must try

It doesn’t matter if you are checking out Raton Rouge for laughs, or are visiting Montreal for the Jazz Festival or simply to enjoy the city, you need to try these restaurants for their signature ribs or try one of the steaks at the Baton Rouge Steakhouse Complex Desjardins.

Meals from scratch

Each individual restaurant prepares its own meals from scratch and uses only the very best of ingredients. This attention to each detail allows Baton Rouge to serve proudly a quality that is unmatched in this industry. They put in this amount of effort since they strongly believe that their guests deserve only the best.


Baton Rouge Steakhouse Restaurants believes that opening a franchise in the restaurant industry can only be done after making educated conclusions and after understanding all facets of the Baton Rouge Steakhouse business. Additionally, they have market development specialists who are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Baton Rouge is always looking for franchising associates. They have some areas where they would like to open new restaurants. If you already have a restaurant and want to join this group, then simply contact them. Currently, they are actively looking for franchisees in the Ontario market as well as the New Brunswick market.

New openings

Their latest openings include:

  • Joliette, Quebec
  • St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
  • Whitby, Ontario